First Steps through Separation and Divorce by Penny Rich
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First Steps through Separation & Divorce by Penny Rich

(Lion Hudson; ISBN 978-0-7459-5536-0)

I was one of five friends [with 14 children between us] facing separation or divorce about the same time, and although our journeys were different, we all seemed to be living the same nightmare.

Being a journalist [and desperately needing money!], I wrote a guide to divorce. Sadly, I lived the book as I researched it.

Which means it will hold your hand every step of the way during the trauma that is the ending of that happy-ever-after story called marriage. It gives simple, helpful, practical divorce advice. It is short, sharp and to the point [you can’t read War and Peace when your eyes are blurred by tears]. It is laced with enough humour to make you laugh in the depths of despair [hysterical laughter counts]. And it even has a few dark confessions [yes, I did dabble in divorce revenge – to guess exactly what I did, and see if you are right, click on the button top right, or go to Penny Rich the Writer Blog].

Lastly, the compulsory [needs must!] and blatant plug...

If you know anyone unlucky enough to be going through divorce right now, as well as your love and support, give them a copy of my book.

It only costs UK£4.99, and they’ll be eternally grateful [because they can read it in two sleepless nights, and learn everything it took me a year and £xx,000 in legal fees to understand].